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Hiphop art and culture have always engaged issues of gender in ways that range from the problematic to the empowering. Profoundly problematic dynamics in HIphop culture include sexism, misogony, heterosexism and self-destructive models of masculinity. Empowering dynamics include Hiphop artists and activists of all genders who address gender and sexuality justice in innovative and important ways.  It is no coincidence that the work of Black feminists and the international explosion of Hiphop artists in the 1980s and 1990s occurred simultaneously and those discourses have always been in dialogue with each other. The Hiphop Archive presented a panel at the first ever Hiphop and Feminism Conference at the University of Chicago, and we have addressed issues of gender and sexuality throughout our history. Our Stand Up for Women & Girls projects will build upon that history as we work to document and analyze HipHop’s role in the current global gender justice movement and as we recognize and engage Hiphop art, artists, and activists whose work contributes to this essential diccourse.

Women and Girls as Hiphop, Truth, and Justice Leaders

The goal of this project is to document and develop the leadership of women and girls both within and through Hiphop culture. The project will focus on three elements:

1) The application of Hiphop art, culture and politics to the development of leadership skills and strategies for women and girls.

2) The Documentation, Analysis, Recognition, and Engagement (D.A.R.E.) of women artists as leaders in Hiphop culture including historically significant women artists and the recent rise of women emcees and other artists in Hiphop and urban cultures.

3) The Documentation, Analysis, Recognition, and Engagement (D.A.R.E.) of existing cultural, social, and political women and girl leaders whose work is relevant to Hiphop art, culture, politics.

From Violence and Trauma to Healing and Power: How Hip Hop Can Stand Up for Women and Girls

The goal of this project is to address physical, sexual, verbal, and psychological violence against women and girls, to examine ways that Hiphop may play a role in promoting violence against women and girls, and to explore ways that Hiphop may play a role in preventing and ending that violence. It will address the work of critiquing sexist and sexual violence and on the work of creating alternatives to violence in the resolution of crisis, conflict and miscommunication.  This project will not only address dynamics between men and women; it will, also address the ways that women and girls interact with each other.  The project will particularly focus on strategies, skills, and resources that promote the safety, healing, and empowerment of women and girls so that they can play an active role in their own health, strength, and growth both individually and in relationships of all kinds.  It will examine how Hiphop art and culture can serve the goals of safety, healing, and empowerment for women and girls.

The Better Man Project: Men and Boys Stand Up for Women, Girls, and Self-Respect and Against Sexism and Violence


The goal of this project will be to directly engage men and boys in and through Hiphop Culture as they develop ways to create strong and empowering gender identities that do not require destructive attitudes and actions toward girls and women, towards other boys and men, and towards themselves. This project recognizes that there is a crisis in the construction of masculinity throughout American and global culture, and not just Hiphop culture, that is affecting boys and men as well as women and girls. This project will explore how HIphop both contributes to that crisis and how it can correct in ways that make boys and men feel in act in ways that create true strength and self-respect rather than illusions of dominance and the reality of self-destruction.


  • Hiphop Health Project

Hip Hop Health Project: How Hiphop Hurts and Heals